Selection of member of the Listing Committee

The Listing Regulations of the Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange stipulate that the Listing Committee shall exercise any powers and functions specified in the field of listing activities within the scope of its authority under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The members of the Listing Committee are responsible for determining whether the request of any person to issue securities is in accordance with the law and the Exchange's regulations and for deciding whether to list the securities on the Exchange. Therefore, by becoming a member of the Listing Committee, you will be able to join the working group authorized to make the above decision.

Requirements for a member of the Listing Committee:

  1. Have a reputation in the industry and society
  2. To be able to work as a member of the Listing Committee impartially and fairly
  3. No record of ethical or legal liability within the field of profession

If you want to be a member of the Exchange Listing Committee, please send the following materials to by June 25, 2021, or bring them to the Exchange office.(Sukhbaatar District, 8th khoroo, GB plaza, 703).

  1. Brief introduction of work experience and professional skills / CV /
  2. Application and request letter for membership in the Listing Committee
  3. Professional membership information, professional certificates, diplomas, and other relevant materials.

Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange