UBX platform announces the most extended trading hours and creates a wide range of Listing opportunities for companies

2021-10-13, Ulaanbaatar, Mongol Securities Exchange JSC (hereinafter referred to as “Exchange”) is updated the “Listing Regulation” and “Trading regulation” in compliance with “Securities Listing Procedure” and “Company Debt Instrument Listing Procedure” that approved by the Financial Regulatory Commission under the 2021 Financial Regulatory Commission Resolution 225 and 226 is permitted by Financial Regulatory Commission. In addition, the Exchange has developed and approved a new “Regulation on Fees and Commissions” to increase the types of fees and charges and create flexible conditions.

The Exchange has been operating in a transparent, fair, and efficient manner with the main objectives of introducing international standard security market services in Mongolia and protecting the rights and interests of investors and issuers. Within the framework of this policy, the updated procedures are reflected in the Listing methods commonly used internationally.

The regulation clarifies the Listing criteria and classification of areas. In addition, it provides for the simplified Listing of some securities in accordance with the amendments to the relevant regulations of the Commission. Organizations that meet the security exchange requirements will be registered in the main area, and companies that can grow in the future will be registered in the development area under certain conditions. As a result, large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to attract public investment and operate openly, following the example of developed countries in the security market.

In addition, they also announced that for the first time in Mongolia, security market products would be traded between 09:00 and 16:00 for the longest time.

As a result, security market participants will be able to trade financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and  fund units during the business day and trade the newly offered securities on the securities exchange (short cell) and margin trading. Nevertheless, the recently approved Fees and Charges regulations have the advantage of creating a favorable and flexible environment for all participants in the securities market.

The Exchange hopes that adopting these regulations will allow more companies to attract financing from the Mongolian securities market and register green bonds on preferential terms for those who operate their activity specified in the green taxonomy of Mongolia. Moreover, it will enable investors to trade under international standards, and accelerate the securities market development.

Mongol Securities Exchange JSC was established on May 1, 2015, and received its license to conduct securities trading and settlement activities from the Financial Regulatory Commission in the same year. In 2017, the first listed company offered its shares to the public, and the company started trading on the Exchange; in 2018-2021, the company’s bonds were successfully traded. As of 2021, the Exchange has 19 member securities companies, five settlement members, and two market issuers.

The UBX platform is a unified and open platform for trading and settlement participants introduced by Mongol securities Exchange in September 2021. Currently, the UBX platform has successfully connected to the Ard App. In the future, securities companies are invited to connect their trading systems to open up opportunities for securities market development to their customers.

Click here to view the trading procedure, the Listing procedure here, and the Fees and Charges procedure here.

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