Update the compliance advisory listing

Regulations of the Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange provide the rule regarding listing that the Exchange shall approve the list of compliance advisory, and the compliance advisory shall provide recommendations and instructions on whether the activities of the listed issuer comply with the rules and regulations of the Exchange. Therefore, the compliance advisory is responsible for forming the securities issuing company and its compliance with the law and regulations.

By being registered as a compliance advisory, the legal entity will cooperate with listed securities issuers, contributing to the development of the company to become a public company. In addition, we require the issuer to have a contract with a compliance advisory for at least one year after listing on the security exchange, which gives issuers the advantage of streamlining the company's operations and providing timely information about the company to investors.

Requirements for compliance advisory

  1. Have a lawyer or auditor licensed to conduct auditing activities, regardless of the main field of activity
  2. Must have obtained a license from the Financial Regulatory Commission to conduct regulated activities in the securities market
  3. Be able to work as a compliance advisory independently and fairly
  4. Must have no professional or legal liability

If you would like to be listed on the Exchange's Compliance advisory List and work with securities issuers, please send the following materials to by June 25, 2021, or bring them to the Exchange's building (Sukhbaatar District, 8th khoroo, GB plaza, 703).

  1. Brief introduction of legal entity
  2. Application for registration in the list of a compliance advisory
  3. Licenses and other relevant materials required for professional activities